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Autumn New Arrivals


Arriving soon will be a wide selection of beer, liquor and wine in holiday packaging and gift sets. Please email us at for availability of these items.

Feel free to contact us if you need a special item ordered for your holiday celebration or gift giving.

Fall is a season that has the word "beer" written all over it. Cool nights unleash the craving for hearty beers, whose colors mirror those of the turning leaves. Fall brews are more flavorful and more substantial than summer's bright quenchers. Colors get deeper and flavors get toastier as the tastes of the harvest table call out for malty partners. It doesn't take much to trade up to luxury in the beer world, so why not live a little? Check out one of these world-class brews next time you're cruising the six-pack aisle. From seasonal specialties to solid stand-bys, innovative American craft brews to international ambassadors of style, autumn's finest offerings await.
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
A full-bodied brown ale with smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar. We brew our Punkin Ale with pumpkin meat, brown sugar and spices. As the season cools, this is the perfect beer to warm up with.
Day Of The Dead Amber Ale
Nice copper color with a creamy head. It is a rich pleasant ale perfectly balanced between soft toffee and caramel notes and a floral-hoppy bitterness. It has a semi-dry finish with subtle coffee notes.

Day Of The Dead Blonde Ale
This beer pours a bright golden-yellow color & is well-balanced. It has a medium-bodied pour with a mild sweetness from caramel and soft pleasant bitterness. Three varieties of malts and 2 different hops helps create this tasty brew.

Day Of The Dead Pale Ale
Brewed in the style of American Pale ale. Pours a bright amber color with a medium-body. Pleasant floral aromas are complemented by a distinct bitterness creating a beer for hop-lovers. Five varieties of malts blended with Chinook & Glacier hops create a great character & flavor.
Echigo Koshi Hikari
Echigo is Japan's oldest craft brewery founded in 1994 in Niigata, Japan shortly after "deregulation" in 1993. They started brewing in December 1994 and sold their first craft beer in February 1995. In 1996 they won a bronze medal in the World Beer Cup for their stout. Since then they've won various awards over the years including a Silver medal at the World Beer Cup in 2009 for this beer, Koshihikari Echigo Beer, in the "Pilsner" category.
Curious Traveller Shandy
Curious Traveler™ is a fresh, bold year-round, craft-brewed, all malt wheat ale infused with real lemons and limes. This shandy has a lively fruity flavor and a powerful "throw your head back" fresh lemon aroma. In short – It's Quite a Refresher!
Battle Road Farmhouse Ale
A straw-gold rustic ale "on lees" that evokes a time long ago with a robust yeast strain, that likes it hot…a vigorous top-ferm
0enting classic that provides some of the best food pairing flavors on the planet. Of course we love it, and hope you do too. They temper this spicy, fruity yeast profile with pedigreed noble hops; East Kent Goldings for bittering and a generous dose of Hallertau Mittelfruh for aroma. This beer will increase in complexity and dryness over time, providing a bit of insolent freshness up front, and more refined dignity even months after the brew date kept in the right conditions…above all upright and away from light.

Battle Road 1775 ale
Their flagship brand. They use the best quality North American 2-Row barley malt, a bit of high-dried "Munich-style" a toasty "Biscuit" malt and a flavorful caramelized "Munich" malt to round out what is a predominately dry, crisp ale. The hop used is a single varietal, Slovenian-grown Styrian Goldings, added at various rates throughout the boil, including large doses towards the end to insure just a moderate bitterness with a pleasant aroma and flavor for these very fine hops.

Battle Road Lexington IPA
They select a trio of American grown classics and concoct a late kettle-addition-heavy schedule of hop additions to push forward a pronounced aroma of Humulus Lupulus while respecting the beautiful malts they've selected to round out this reddish, brassy golden ale. Dry and crisp, with a clean malt delivery and a burst of hop flavor, and even more aromatics of Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops added from first wort to the last possible moment before fermentation. Go Green!
Shipyard Pumpkinhead
One of the most popular pumpkin beers of all time – Shipyard Pumpkinhead is hitting our shelves now. Pumpkinhead was first brewed by Shipyard in 2002. Pumpkinhead is actually spiced liked a pumpkin beer, with no real pumpkin in the brew. Hints of pumpkin, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Wheat malt brings this beer full circle. Crisp and light. Grab yours now before it's gone for the season.
Berkshire Brewing Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale
BBC's flagship brew is a light colored, medium bodied ale exhibiting exceptional freshness through its 2-Row Pale malt backbone and signature hop flavor and aroma. In the words of renowned beer writer Lew Bryson, Steel Rail EPA is "what the water in heaven oughta taste like."

Berkshire Brewing Traditional Pale Ale
A traditional pale ale, deep copper in color, Berkshire Ale has a rich malt profile from pale, caramel and crystal malts supporting a generous helping of American and British hop varieties. A well balanced and flavorful brew, Berkshire Ale's medium body and aromatic finish hops offer something for all beer aficionados.

Berkshire Brewing Coffeehouse Porter
This rich, dark ale takes BBC's popular Drayman's Porter and adds Dean's Beans organic coffee to the mix, creating an enticing blend of everyone's favorite beginning and end of day beverages. Robust and aromatic, Coffeehouse Porter is sure to please, no matter what time of day you choose to enjoy it.

Berkshire Brewing Lost Sailor IPA
A classic British-inspired IPA, Lost Sailor keeps an even keel with a well rounded malt profile to support generous dry-hopping with the time-honored Goldings hop variety. With its floral and citrus aroma and medium body, Lost Sailor is the perfect session beer, whether lost at sea or in the comfort of your own home or a local pub.

Berkshire Brewing River Ale
A truly unique ale, River is a dark American wheat beer that is "single-hopped" with Willamettes, accenting that variety's signature profile while letting the malts shine through. River Ale's slightly sweet flavor is accented with notes of nuttiness, fresh baked bread and a light spiciness of wheat. A brew that stands alone in the beer landscape.

Skinny Girl Bare Naked Vodka
This vodka is like satin sheets and silk robes all rolled into a smooth, clean and slightly sweet package. This low-cal no-carb naturally flavored vodka will play nice with anything you choose to add - it's design-your-own cocktail, Skinnygirl® Cocktails style. So go ahead and grab some ice or your favorite mixer and get Naked. We won't tell.
Bunratty Meade
Honey wine is an ancient beverage made from fermented honey and enjoyed by the peoples of Europe long before the Romans introduced wine from grapes. If you've been to the Bunratty Castle in County Clare, you will recognize this particular Mead as the second Mead served in the Castle's lower quarters, the first Mead being a warm, mulled red Mead that we've yet to find for sale anywhere. Maybe it was the fog, the chilly November air, or the wait to gain entrance to the castle itself, whatever the influence this was by far the very best Mead I've personally had the privilege of trying. The Bunratty white Meade is a tasty treat, and at its best when served slightly chilled, in my opinion.

Sipping Sally's Spanish Red
Sipping Sally's Spanish Red is made from 100% Tempranillo. A full-bodied deep, ruby red wine with aromas of vanilla and herbs. Plums, cherries, and strawberries tantalize the taste. Great with burgers, spicy sausages, tapas, pork, grilled or roasted meats.
Gaga Red Blend
A fun and value-driven California red that delivers sensuous aromas of black plums, fall spices, and dried black figs. The fig theme carries on the palate along with a stewed red fruit flavor, which hails from an abundance of Zinfandel. This is a great option when all you want to do is stay indoors and watch the leaves blow around.

Gaga White Blend
The wine offered crisp acidity, without being grapefruity, and the finish was clean and fresh! Explodes with aromas and flavors of crisp pear and apricot, while notes of honeysuckle linger over a lively texture. Tantalizing all by itself or over dinner with the most promising of company.
Trapiche Torrontes White
Yellow-greenish color, with golden hints. Flower and citrus aromas. Fresh in the mouth. Elegant, well balanced wine. Ideal as an aperitif with hors d'ouvres or seafood. Excellent with mild to spicy cuisine.

Trapiche Falling Star Malbec
This Malbec shows loads of spicy black fruits, with hints of tobacco. Juicy on the palate, this is an easy-to-drink, ripe Malbec to enjoy now.
Geno's Pinot Grigio
Straw green color. Dried herb, briny clay and straw aromas with a round, dry light-to-medium body and a nectarine pit and lemon pith finish. A rustic food style, try with oysters.
Giorgio & Gianni Viva Frizzante
Semi-sparkling wine with fine and generous bubbles, light golden straw color, nose of green apple, great peach taste, sweet, full bodied and well balanced, very refreshing.
Volandera Garnacha
The colour is breath-taking, a luminous violet. One is so eager to taste it that one almost forgets to smell it. It is incredibly fresh, light, fruit to the fore: the pallet, disco red liquorice, Kojak's lollipops…the candy shop of the 80's. Easy drinking, soft and smooth. Enjoy it fresh, in the sun and without inhibition. A wine in its element and without delusions of grandeur. Pure Garnacha. Pure fruit.
The Black Dog Cabernet (Santa Barbara)
This Cabernet Sauvignon has rich flavors of blackberry and cherry, with notes of pepper and spice. This wine is a hit with a variety of red meats and rich sauces.

The Black Dog Chardonnay (Santa Barbara)
A toasty vanilla nose lead to a creamy soft mouth-feel with flavors of tropical fruit and a touch of spice.
Nicolas Reserve Cabernet
Crisp, Apple, Vanilla, Medium-bodied
Nicolas Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
Nicolas Chardonnay
El Circulo Rioja Red
Elegant and supple Rioja, with sweet, creamy morello cherry aromas, smokey blackcurrants mid-palate, and a lightly spiced, liquorice finish. This is a mouth-watering red for spicing up a romatic evening.
Nectar Cabernet (Bordeaux)
An easy to drink Cabernet fresh and young at a great price
Pepi Chenin Blanc/Viogner Blend
Pale, straw yellow in color. Aromatic with melon and floral notes on the nose. Melon, lime, and floral notes come through on the palate. Dry and light to medium-bodied with crisp acidity. Well-balanced with a long, refreshing finish.
Mashjuga Chard
This Chard is a pale straw color with fresh tropical flavors. Pure and clean. They focus on the pure expression of the Chardonnay grape. No malolactic fermentation and no stinkin oak!

Mashjuga Pinot
This Pinot is deep and complex with an elegant nose. Berry and toasted oak notes mingle beautifully with plum and black cherry flavors. The tannins are soft, the finish is long. This is a bold Pinot Noir that demonstrates depth and structure.

Mashjuga Bubbly
This Bubbly is a delicate, fruit-forward sparkling wine, which is versatile enough for any occasion. Bright aromas of ripe apple give way to luscious notes of white peach on the palate. Its fine mousse (bubbles) lifts the fruit character and makes the wine a delightful and refreshing addition to any light cuisine, and a decadent treat with foie gras and potato chips!
Candoni Moscato D'Italia
Made from 100% Moscato Bianco grapes from the Apulia Region in the very south of Italy where the diversity of land, its terrains, exposures as well as its Mediterranean climate allow this winery to craft a semi sparkling sweet Candoni Moscato wine of excellent quality. Semi-sparkling, but remarkably fruity and fragrant, it has an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

Candoni Prosecco
Candoni Prosecco is produced in the flourishing vineyard nestled in the midst of the hilly Prosecco district close to the historic city of Conegliano in the Veneto Region in Italy. Delicate and fruity with a hint of honey, Candoni Prosecco is crisp and clean in the mouth with a pleasant acidity that leaves behind a delicious and persistent freshness with a dry, well-balanced taste.
Apothic Dark
A limited release, our Apothic Dark blends dark fruit flavors of blueberry and blackberry with opulent notes of coffee and dark chocolate for a rich, yet silky smooth, palate.
Cherry Pie Pinot Noir
Cherry Pie Pinot Nois is deep and concentrated. It shows tons of textural richness in its sweet candied red fruit, there is no shortage of lush overt fruit in this beautiful wine. It never tires the palate. Enjoy!
Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio
Tastes like an explosion of apples and pears, with a slight touch of mineral on the finish. A stunning Pinot Grigio, in perfect taste for any social event, from fashion shows to fundraisers...or on that rare occasion we're dining in.

Middle Sister Smarty Pants Chardonnay
Some girls are born beautiful. Some girls are born rich. And some girls are born smart. The smart girls grow up and use their brains to make money to buy great clothes and travel abroad and throw dinner parties…where they serve chardonnay that they didn't spend a fortune on…in wine glasses brought home from their last trip to Paris. Tastes like pear and citrus in the beginning, with baked apple on the finish.
Simi Russian River Chardonnay
Russian River Valley Reserve Chardonnay, light straw with a golden edge, offers forward fruit with minerality, lifted and framed by sweet oak notes and spice.
Angeline Chardonnay Reserve
Aromas of ripe, juicy pear and apple, along with buttered toast and a whiff of white flowers jump out of the glass, luring the taster into a zippy, refreshing mouthful of consistent flavors. This wine has a long, mouthwatering finish.

Angeline Merlot Reserve
Complex aromas of black cherry, rose potpourri, and mocha aromas continue as flavors in the silky, supple mouth and linger through the long, juicy finish.

Angeline Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
A nicely textured wine with elegant, fresh floral, lime peel and green gooseberry aromas that lead to crisp and lively flavors of fresh green apple, Asian pear and a hint of tangy grapefruit. This wine finishes soft and light with a lingering touch of citrus for a nice zing.
Chateau Julien French Kiss
This refreshing blend of Chenin Blanc & Viognier was made for everyday enjoyment, from grapes grown in premier regions throughout California. Explore the beautiful aromas of luscious peaches & ripe apricots, complimented with vibrant acidity making this wine just as memorable as your first "French Kiss". Pairs nicely with fresh salad and seafood. Serve Chilled.
Fish House Sauvignon Blanc
A beautiful nose filled with aromatics of lemongrass, straw, lime leaf and a hint of sugar cane. Bright notes of citrus, lemon zest and Georgia peach lead to a well balanced finish.
Huntington Sauvignon Blanc
This wine's aroma jumps out of the glass, leading with cut green grass, grapefruit and gooseberry. On the palate, a vibrant lime-like acidity complements a granitic undertones and flavors reminiscent of pomelos and white peach. Fermented completely in stainless steel, this wines finish is clean and refreshing.
Rex Goliath Moscato
This Moscato is like sipping on liquid gold; deliciously sweet and refreshing with pretty floral aromas.
Stone Cap Chardonnay
Bright, refreshing and crisp, StoneCap Chardonnay is lively with floral and tropical fruit aromas that blend beautifully with flavors of star fruit, citrus and green apple. Pair this wine perfectly with grilled poultry, light cheeses and smoked salmon.
Barefoot Moscato 187ml 4packs
Delightfully sweet with lush fruity aromas. Hints of citrus skip across flavors of juicy peach and ripe apricots. A bright, crisp finish dances in at the end.

Barefoot Pinot Grigio 187ml 4packs
Tart green apple flavors get down with a white peach undertone. Floral blossoms and citrus aromas do the tango. Light-bodied with a bright finish.
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